The Symptoms

Feeling Paris-yearning, Champagne envy, Normandy nostalgia, Provencilia, Bungundalgia, cyclomania and other Francophilic afflictions?

Suffering from Google-anxiety as you try to treat your symptoms without professional guidance?

Not to worry. A session or two of GLK Travel Therapy by phone will help lay the groundwork for a worry-free trip.

There are so many things that you want to do and see and taste in Paris and beyond. You’ve been scouring the internet, magazines and travel guides for hints and tips and suggestions. Your friends and relatives have told you what they did. You’ve even gotten recommendations from your cousin’s co-worker’s best friend who visited France three years ago. Your wish list has grown longer and longer.

But where to start? How to fit it all in? Which approach is best for your family? Is three regions too may for this trip?

Sounds like you need help.

Before entering the hellish spiral of spending countless hours searching online, before letting your friend who once spent 4 days in Paris 3 years ago tell you how you live your dream trip abroad, get travel therapy with France’s premier travel therapist.

The Cure

Relax! The guy who wrote the book (five, actually, and hundreds of articles) about France and has personally advised travel agents and hundreds of travelers is here to help.
Here’s how it works:

  • You write:

    When you feel that bout of Paris-envy, regional-wanderlust or other forms of Francophilia coming on, write to me personally at or fill out this form to arrange a session of travel therapy or to purchase a travel therapy gift certificate for your friends who may be suffering. Symptoms typically occur in the months before you travel abroad, though planning-related panic attacks may occur within weeks of your departure date.

  • I call:

    After you’ve made payment for your initial session and we’ve have arranged a time to speak, I’ll call you from Paris or wherever I may be to discuss your upcoming travels.

  • How many sessions will you need ?

    One or two 50-minute phone sessions ought to set you on the right track towards well-balanced travels. But not to worry—if you require further assistance, whether by phone or by email, you can always return for more.

  • Post-therapy touring

    Consider adding a discounted Right Foot Tour  to help you get your cultural, historical and logistical bearings in Paris or a Left Foot Tour for further discoveries.

The cost

  • A 50-minute session of GLK Travel Therapy costs 65€.

    Your nonrefundable payment, via Paypal, must be made prior to the session. If you’ve got a severe case of Paris-envy or Francophilia or multi-region-fantasies, you may require another session of GLK Travel Therapy. Subsequent 50 minutes sessions cost 55€ each.

  • Discount:

    Those touring with me receive 25 euros off their first tour for each session of GLK Travel Therapy purchased in advance of their tour.

  • Further assistance and organization:

    If, after our initial conversation, you would like a personalized itinerary or assistance in organizing various aspects of your stay anywhere in France, let me know the full extent of your planning and touring needs so that I can provide you with an overall estimate.

Let’s start planning!

Use this form to pre-book a tour or to request further information about specific tours, event planning and consulting services for Paris or elsewhere in France. The more you can tell me about your interests and your travel party, the better I can personalize a response.

Provide your phone number if you would like me to call you for a 5-10-minute no-obligation chat about your upcoming trip.

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