A unique way to help traveling loved ones celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a Paris honeymoon, a divorce, a graduation, a retirement, recovered good health, etc., or simply to say “Je t’aime.”

A loved one will be visiting France, perhaps for a special occasion—a birthday, an anniversary, a honeymoon, a proposal, recovered health, the kids finally out of the house, a finalized divorce, a graduation, retirement—, and you’d like to treat her or him to some of the pleasures and treasure of Paris, to a customized daytrip, to an extraordinary surprise or to another unforgettable experience.

You can spoil someone you love from near
You’re traveling with that loved one and will be witnessing first-hand the joy of spoiling her or him.

You can spoil someone you love from afar
Your loved one is traveling, but not you, and you want to arrange something special for her or him.

You can spoil yourself
You deserve it!

Examples of spoiling from near

The children of a 75-year-old woman, knowing that their mother had always dreamed of going to Paris and aware that she was “slowing down,” asked me to help them spoil her in Paris. One daughter accompanied her. Since each day’s schedule depended on the mother’s energy, there was no set plan, but by staying attuned to her whims and interests and appetite they (we) made Momma was one happy traveler.

Arranging, at her husband’s request, a Champagne Daytrip, a cocktail event and dinner for 10 for a woman celebrating her 50th birthday.

A man solicited my help in organizing a week-long 3-generation trip for his parents, himself and his wife, and their teenage children. Since his father was a WWII war veteran, he especially wished to include tours of Normandy and of Champagne, which his father had last seen over 70 years ago, while having the children share in the emotions and stories of their grandfather. Acting as the organizer, guide and facilitator throughout their stay, assisting this unified family has been one my most rewarding Spoil the Many Ones You Love jobs.

Three women came to Paris to celebrate the recent divorce of one of them. To celebrate in style, they asked me to take them on what we came to call “The Wild Women Tour,” including a variety of tours, tastings, shopping escapades (conducted by assistants) and much wine. The recent divorcee in this case didn’t mind paying for her own share of some of the spoils, but much of it was kept as a surprise for her along the way (e.g. flowers delivered to her on the street by a charming Parisian), allowing her to be the star of the stay. What happened in Paris stayed in Paris.

Several times I’ve been called upon by grandparents calling upon me to help spoil the grandson or granddaughter they were bringing to Paris as a bar- or bat-mitzvah gift. This involved a series of tours, arranging encounters with designers for one girl who dreamed of becoming a designer, and much spoiling—for the children and the grandparents—along the way.

To celebrate his retirement and wishing to enjoy and share the fruit of his labor, a man invited his closest relatives and their spouses and children on a trip to France. Working with a travel agent for hotel and flight arrangements and with guides, photographers and chefs, I organized a 2-week trip including Paris, Provence and the Riviera, accompanying them much of the way. A special case of spoiling himself and his loved ones… because you can’t take it with you.

Examples of spoiling from afar

Contacted by friends of a couple as they planned their Paris honeymoon, I was asked to take the newlyweds on a Right Foot Tour to help them get their cultural and historical bearings. At the request of the mother of the bride, I had a photographer meet up with us in the afternoon to take professional photos of the couple out and about in Paris. Beyond that, the couple didn’t need me as a third wheel on their honeymoon, of course, but, after several discussions with the friends regarding other Spoil a Loved One gifts, I arranged for a private wine tasting, a romantic dinner where they met the chef, and entrance to a cabaret.

A fellow was coming to Paris for his 25th anniversary, so his staff contacted me to organize a night on the town for him and his wife: cocktails at a ritzy bar, dinner with all the trimmings in a romantic restaurant, followed by entrance to a jazz club.

The mother of a young man traveling on his own through Europe after college graduation asked me to meet up with him one day to take him “wherever he wants to go.” I ended up taking him on a tour of Père Lachaise Cemetery and Montmartre, with an off-beat lunch stop in between, and an encounter with Paris beer producers in the late afternoon.

One of the more moving Spoil Someone You Love Tours, a group of friends got together to offer a former cancer patient and her husband a Champagne Daytrip to celebrate the two-year anniversary of complete remission from breast cancer.

  • The Cost

    Starting at 250€. However, the cost varies greatly, from thoughtful to generous to lavish, depending on how much spoiling you’d like to do.

    If gifting one of the tour described elsewhere on this site, customized for your loved one, then the cost is that announced on that page. Often, though, those spoiling from afar will to add extra elements to the day (a meal, private transportation, a wine testing, etc.).

    If gifting a wine tasting, a meal, a special event, tickets to a show, or a material gift, the final cost depends on the organizational time in addition to cost of the item(s). More extensive touring, planning and gifting has special pricing. Inquire.

    See Travel Therapy: Advice, Organization if all that you need to spoil a loved one is advice on how to do it yourself.

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