Escapades for atypical travelers

My Paris By Late Night Escapade is the only true Paris by night tour for travelers with the spirit to enjoy one of the city’s best-kept secrets: that in a heavily visited city such as this, “off the beaten track” isn’t truly a place—it’s a time. It’s an alternative time when Paris is its most expressive, mysterious, and romantic, as seen through its monuments, neighborhoods, bars, clubs, street life and other secrets and joys of the city.

Most visitors tour Paris as though it were a job: out of the hotel by 9:30AM, back by 6:30PM, dinner no later than 8. By 11PM most tourists are in bed. But you’re an atypical traveler. You don’t need to follow the standard tourist day.

My Paris By Late Night Escapade allows you to capture the alternate reality of the beauty, romance and joy of Paris, while leaving the vast majority of tourists behind as the night goes on.

Discovering the night

The full Paris By Late Night Escapade generally runs 8 PM (9PM May to August) to 1:30 or 3AM, depending on your desire to pursue Paris by night.

  • You’ll see and learn about monuments great and small without being poked by selfie sticks.
  • You’ll explore, enjoy and learn about neighborhoods that lose their tourist-heavy atmosphere at night, such as Montmartre or the Latin Quarter.
  • You’ll enjoy several tasting experiences, e.g. a cheese tasting here, a bowl of onion soup there, and choice nibbles along the way. No formal meal but as plentiful as your appetite.
  • You’ll step into original, off-beat bars, perhaps a jazz club or a cabaret.
  • You’ll be seen back to your hotel or apartment at the end of the escapade, unless you prefer to be left off elsewhere to stroll back home on your own.

This tour varies depending on the time of year, the weather, and of course your particular interests. In late spring and summer we might take an evening bike ride (before any second drink is served), a twilight picnic, a midnight game of bocce ball (pétanque). In fall and winter we may include more off-beat bars, clubs and neighborhoods.

  • Cost & Conditions

    600€ for 2 people. Add 100€ for each additional person.

    • Price includes public transportation and taxi as well as some food and up to three drinks per person. Additional food and drink at your expense.
    • Additional options include use of a private car service for several hours, particularly for groups of 4 or more.
    • Adapted to all interests and ages 18 and over.
    • This tour is not conducted on Sunday or Monday nights.
    • Safety is important on all my tours. While the areas we visit in by Paris by night should be considered no less safe than during the day, you’re naturally more likely to encounter people who’ve been drinking alcohol. You may even drink some yourself. Responsible drinking is encouraged, and in joining on this tour you accept that responsibility.

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