Since every family is different, so is every family tour

Every family that I advise and tour with is different, but they have a common objective: sharing a happy, memorable experience. That’s my goal as well for family touring, and accomplishing it is among my own most rewarding experiences as a guide.

Whether guiding parents with teens and younger, parents with young adult children, grandparents treating grandchildren to a city they love, and that most challenging and rewarding of family travels, three-generation touring with grandparents, parents and children, I particularly enjoy designing and conducting tours that engage a family of diverse interests, ages and temperaments in a common experience.

When it happens through my tours, witnessing the joy of unified family is something beautiful to behold, as every parent knows. It can happen while talking about the life of kings and queens in front of the city’s former royal palace or about the gargoyles at Notre-Dame or about myths and legends that surround some of the major monuments of Paris. It can happen during the chocolate tasting I’ve arranged in a historic garden or during our picnic following a market tour. It can happen as I point out sights and tell stories about saints or revolution, fashion or executions. It can happen while biking in the Loire Valley and while touring a D-Day beach in Normandy on an excursion that the family thought was only for dad and grandpa.

These aren’t kid-friendly or adult-friendly or elder-friendly places. These are places of historical, cultural and culinary significance that, with the right approach, can inspire joyful, informative touring and create personal connections across generations.

Myths, Legends and Mysteries in the Historic Heart of Paris

A story-filled tour of major and lesser-known sights in the historical heart of Paris.
3-hour, 6=hour and 8-hour versions

Most of the tours described on this site can be adapted to children under 18. I describe below my Myths, Legends and Mysteries Tour in particular as an example of one that will draw all members of the family into the history that surrounds the great monuments and old neighborhoods of the heart of Paris.

While my Right Foot Tour™ of Paris remains the ideal way to get off on the right foot, the 6-hour and 8-hour version of Myths, Legends and Mysteries can serve the same purpose for families if taken on one of the initial days of your stay in Paris.

Think your children aren’t interested in history? Think again. Because within the history of Paris and of France are the myths, legends, mysteries and tales that draw visitors of all ages into joys of discovering the city through the ages.

While examining important monuments, glimpsing remnants of Paris over the centuries, and learning the history of France, you’ll hear about a knight’s curse, a headless saint, loving doves in distress, the hunchback, gargoyles, phantoms, a cannibal chef, a queen’s prophesy, and more.

The 3-hour version of this tour focuses on the City Island (including Notre-Dame) and the Latin Quarter. Start times possible anytime between 9AM and 5PM.

The 6-hour version of this tour further includes more extensive touring in the Latin Quarter as well as touring in the Luxembourg and Saint Germain Quarters. Lunch and/or pastry/snack stops will be made along the way depending on the starting time. Start times possible anytime between 8:30AM and 2PM.

The full-day, 8-hour version of this tour includes a portion of the central Right Bank. Includes lunch and café/pastry stops. Start times possible anytime between 8AM and noon.

Think your child is a picky eater? Think again. During the 6- and 8-hour versions of this tour we can add a component of culinary touring for children under 15, including a quirky Paris education about bread, cheese, pastries and/or chocolate, even frogs and snails.

  • Cost & Conditions
    • 3 hours: 320€ + 5€/person (e.g. 340€ for 4 people, any ages)
    • 6 hours: 450€ + 10€/person (e.g. 290€ for 4 people)
    • 8 hours: 520€ + 12€/person (e.g. 568€ for 4 people)

    This is primarily a walking tour that may be punctuated by use of public transportation. Multi-generational family groups may inquire about the additional cost of using a private transportation service for all or part of the day.

    Food and drink at your direct expense during the course of the tour. Lunch options will be discussed in advance.

    The starting point, at your hotel/apartment or elsewhere, will be decided on a case by case basis.

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