The approach: relaxed, entertaining, informative, delicious

My award-winning culinary travel articles on France Revisited have whet the appetite of thousands of travelers to Paris and throughout France. Whether guided, organized or not, I encourage a relaxed, entertaining, informative and delicious approach to French cuisine, wine and spirits.

For most travelers I recommend integrating culinary adventures into a broader day of touring. No need to have a particular chocolate or market or cheese tour. Each of these can be included in any touring day, with little additional cost beyond the price of the food or drink. Therefore, when inquiring about any of my tours, don’t hesitate to ask about including any one or more of the following:

  • A late-morning food-market tour and, weather permitting, a garden picnic;
  • A cheese-tasting lunch;
  • A guiltless pastry pause or chocolate tasting, a mid-afternoon education into the sweet life in Paris;
  • A late-afternoon “wine” down, in which we enjoy wine bar culture for as the touring day ends.

For travelers with a greater appetite for enjoying and discovering the whos, whats, wheres and hows of food and drink in Paris, I’ve designed the wide-ranging culinary and wine adventure described below. I conduct it over one or two days, with two days allowing for more extensive and upbeat food touring and greater opportunities to meet purveyors of fine food and drink and to explore different neighborhoods. That tour is especially appealing to foodies, bon-vivants, wine lovers, restaurant professionals, gourmets and others who seek out delicious and varied experiences in Paris.

Cuisine and Culture, Wisdom and Wine

Day 1 Start @ 10:00am / Duration 7+ Hours
Day 2 Start @ 12:30 / Duration 7 Hours
The two days can be consecutive or non-consecutive

This wide-ranging 1-day or 2-day tour is my preferred way of combining culinary adventures in Paris with sightseeing and neighborhood touring. It allows you to experience the world’s capital of culinary and beverage adventures through lively markets, select tastings, and encounters with purveyors of fine food and drink, along with much history, sights and neighborhoods along the way.

Since the tour is highly personalized, the sights and neighborhoods covered will be decided after discussing you general interests and whether you’ve spent much time in Paris before. Also be sure to let me know if you have any food allergies and beverage preferences so that I can design the tour accordingly.

In all cases, we’ll visit famous and lesser-known treasures of Paris, explore neighborhoods and discover historical gardens, all the while catching glimpses and enjoying tastes of the evolving food scene. We’ll cover the history of markets and restaurants in Paris and visit neighborhoods that have been the fertile ground for culinary trends over the past few years.

On one day we’ll have lunch in a little bistro or chef’s table where you’ll have the opportunity to meet with an owner-chef. One another day, an extensive tasting of cheese and cold cuts may serve for lunch, perhaps in the form of a picnic feast (weather permitting). If your culinary curiosity doesn’t include cheese then another this day will involve another lunch option. It’s also possible to include a 2-hour cooking class on Day 2.

Day 2 has a later start so that we can continue touring into the early evening. As the sun sets on the City of Lights you’ll segue into wine bar mode and “visit” some of the wine regions of France while partaking the lifestyle of Paris. If especially curious about any specific wine region, grape or type (e.g. Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhone Valley, etc.) or in French craft beer or cocktail trends, please let me know so that I can include the right place and the right specialist for that.

This tour can be adapted to all ages, with less wine time on Day 2 in the case family touring with children under 18.

For other customized culinary and wine adventures, see Paris By Late Night  and Champagne & Other Vineyards. To join on one of the small-group tasting and culinary events, read about Gary’s Curious Tasting & Travel Club.

  • Cost & Conditions for Cuisine & Culture, Wisdom & Wine

    Day 1 only: 900€ for 2.
    Add 100€ per person 18 and older. Add 70€ per person under 18.

    Days 1 and 2: 1600€ for 2.
    Add 175€ per person 18 or older. Add 125€ per person under 18. This includes all food and drink up to the first wine/beer/cocktail bar on Day 2.
    All subsequent food and drink will be paid for directly by the client.
    A 2-hour cooking class (conducted by a professional) may be added during Day 2 at an additional cost of 75€ per person.

Let’s start planning!

Use this form to pre-book a tour or to request further information about specific tours, event planning and consulting services for Paris or elsewhere in France. The more you can tell me about your interests and your travel party, the better I can personalize a response. For culinary tours and wine, beer or cocktail adventures, let me know if you’re looking to experience or to avoid anything specific.

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